There are several tools and services out there to back up and restore MySQL databases. Here, we are going to look at Backup Ninja as an automated backup management service to backup and restore MySQL databases to your preferred local destination on in the cloud. Backup Ninja not only supports MySQL database backups but it also allows you to backup files and directories in your system all using the same interface.

What are the Backup Management Features in Backup Ninja?

Backup Ninja’s unique proposition is its ability to create a backup for open source databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Percona, MongoDB and MariaDB in an automated way without manual scripting. All you need to do is follow the on-screen steps to install the Backup Ninja agent on your server, and you can start scheduling backups and monitor them in no time. Following are the key features in Backup Ninja:

  • Backup Ninja allows you to take logical or physical backups at its naitve method using legacy database tools like mysqldump, XtraBackup. This allows you to move your backup between different platforms
  • Backup Ninja lets you schedule full, incremental and partial backups using the same interface within minutes.
  • Backup Ninja gives you the flexibility to have your backups locally or on any S3 compatible cloud provider.
  • Backup Ninja lets you centrally monitor your backups storage, schedule and events on an interactive dashboard.
  • Backup Ninja also protects both in transit and at rest data with enhanced encryption algorithms.

To know more about Backup Ninja features in detail, visit the individual pages listed on Backup Ninja feature page.

How to Install Backup Ninja on My Server?

To start using Backup Ninja, all you need to do is install the backup bartender agent on your server. The installation process is a simple four-step process starting selecting the database technology on your server, creating a database user, executing the installation scripts on your server and ends with the server discovery. Backup tools available in the server is automatically listed for you to use. If the tool is not found, you can install it on your server, and it will automatically be listed as a tool when you start scheduling the backup process.

How to Schedule MySQL Backups Using Backup Ninja?

Following are the simple steps to schedule MySQL backups without any scripts on Backup Ninja.

Step 1: Fill in Backup Schedule Details

Give a name for your schedule. Next, select the backup tool. The backup tool is listed automatically if it is available on the server. Choose if you want to have a full or partial backup.

If you have selected partial backup, you need to choose the database and tables to be included in the partial backup.

The simple four on-screen guided process gives you a schedule to take MySQL backup in just a few minutes. You will only need to press the play button to activate the schedule. For further information on scheduling on Backup Ninja, please refer to the official Backup Ninja documentation.

Step 2: Configure Backup Storage

The next step is to configure your storage. The backups can either be stored on a local drive or in cloud storage or have both options available to keep your backup.

In step two, you can set the retention policy for your backup. Backup Ninja will delete the backups automatically once it reaches the threshold set on the backup retention policy.

Step 3: Backup Compression & Encryption Settings

Configure the backup name format, enable encryption and compression for your MySQL backup using the simple toggle buttons.

Step 4: Set the Backup Schedule Frequency

Set the backup frequency(Minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly). This backup frequency will determine when to run the schedule to take backup.


Taking MySQL backup using Backup Ninja, is not only an efficient way to manage your backups but also eliminates the need for a dedicated resource to backup, monitor and verify your MySQL backups. You get to have centralized backup monitoring for all your backups. Configure the notification to receive alerts on your email to get immediate updates on backup events and transactions happening on your server. Also, you don’t have to worry about invalid MySQL backups, have a planned backup verification process, select and restore your MySQL backups to test its validity for a smooth restoration in case of a disaster. With Backup Ninja you are sure to have secured automated MySQL backup management on your preferred location effortlessly.

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